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"My name is Zachariah Rigby. I left a message on Billy’s telephone in answer to the advertisement."

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By Michael Muller.


By Michael Muller.

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Favorite FilmsMinority Report (2002)

The fact that you prevented it from happening doesn’t change the fact that it was going to happen.

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Colin Farrell being a smug bastard in Tigerland (2000).

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Anonymous inquired:

What do all of his tattoos say? Or stand for?

Right arm: Tribal design 

"My tattoo is just a tribal design from Tahiti that I got when I was there. I’m not macho about things like that - I shit myself every time I go to the dentist. Did you ever get a sore in one of your gums above your teeth, where it’s sore but you can’t stop rubbing it? It’s the same kind of thing getting a tattoo. It’s sore, but it’s kind of nice."


Ring finger: ‘Millie’

'Millie' was a nickname for his ex-girlfriend Amelia Warner.


Left forearm: ‘Carpe Diem, with my girl’

'Carpe Diem', meaning 'seize the day', was another tattoo in reference to Amelia Warner. After breaking up, he reworked the tattoo and had 'with my girl' covered with a cross.


Chest: Lotus flower with ‘I Love No Matter’

The tattoo represents his undying belief in true love and the power of relationships.


Left arm: ‘Rita’

Rita is Colin’s mother.


Left wrist:  الحرية 

الحرية (al-hurriya) means “freedom” in Arabic. 


And to end it off… ;)

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